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We all know the benefits of buying local, but how do you support local during these times?

Here are a few ways, including something brand new! 


You don't need Amazon for your books anymore! 

Order from our Bookshop page and the book ships directly to you. This method supports Bisbee Books and Music, as well as many, many independent bookstores.

Click on this LINK to search for books (at the top of our Bookshop page) and/or see our lists of recommended books (further down on our Bookshop page).

Minimal shipping charges will apply if you order through Bookshop. 


If you are a fan of ebooks or audio books, we have a huge selection available for immediate download right from our web site, and we are continuing donating 10% of sales to local charities, at least until the store re-opens. Click HERE to get started. 


If you prefer to pick up your books at the store, send us an email or leave a voice mail with the title, author, and softcover or hardback version you prefer. We will order it and notify you when it comes in. We will be there doing some work in the store on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 11:00 until 1:00. You can pick the book up then. We are still practicing Social Distancing, so the store is closed, but contact us, let us know what you need, and we will get it ready for you and transact business through the gate. Face masks, please.


Yes! Just let us know what you need shipped. Call (520-353-4009) or email us ( and we will make arrangements. 

We all need to be flexible during these trying times, and Bisbee Books and Music is there to help make your quarantine time as pleasant as possible. Thank you for your continuing support, and Stay Safe (you already know that it's not hoarding if it's books!).

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