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It's not hoarding if it's books!!

We are an independent bookstore, with an emphasis on the Southwest, specializing in local Bisbee and Cochise County history and local authors, gardening, nature, birding, political and environmental issues. Charlie says that we also have a good selection of poetry, DIY, children's, Spanish language and bi-lingual books, and fiction and other non-fiction books. We have both new and used books, and we are adding to the collection every week. And of course we carry books about pets (even though Charlie thinks he is human!)

Click HERE for our national weekly bestsellers lists!

Browse our catalog page by clicking HERE for some great ideas!





We are always happy to find books for you if you don't see the book you want in our shop - just let us know. 


Ranger says to click HERE to order e-books and audio-books.  

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